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Transportation routing, scheduling and monitoring

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Orbit Software delivers world-class transportation routing and scheduling solutions for school districts, transportation providers, and other community organizations across the United States and Canada. Our product suite--including BusBoss Enterprise, BusBoss Professional, and BusBoss Express --offers comprehensive yet flexible tools for creating, maintaining, and continually optimizing bus routes. Administrators value our ability to support efficiency enhancements and cost reductions. more >

How can BusBoss save you money?

For most clients, BusBoss will pay for itself in terms of cost savings, improved transportation department efficiency, and improved transportation services within the very first year. Cost savings can be in the form of reducing the number of vehicles needed for transporting your students. The elimination of just one bus is more than enough to pay for the cost of the software.

Improved transportation services is another benefit from using BusBoss. More efficient bus routes can easily be created to reduce the length of time students spend on the bus. The reduction of miles traveled also results in the reduction of vehicle maintenance costs.

Improve audit management by minimizing the chance for adverse audit findings. BusBoss retains crucial historical records to ensure districts receive timely, accurate state reimbursement without the embarrassment of publicized audit findings. BusBoss ensures districts receive maximum reimbursements.

School Bus Routing Software Products

BusBoss Professional

BusBoss Professional Edition is a comprehensive planning, routing and scheduling, student transportation software program designed to make transportation services more efficient, and cost effective. It helps optimize your entire transportation operation allowing you to get more done in a shorter amount of time!

BusBoss Express

BusBoss Express is a Basic Student Routing & Scheduling package available at $1995.00. This package is fully upgradeable to the BusBoss Professional and Enterprise Versions and the cost will be applied towards the upgrade.

BusBoss Enterprise

BusBoss Enterprise includes all the features and functionality of BusBoss Professional with the addition of integrated vehicle and student GPS tracking.

BusBoss SaaS (Software-as-a-Service Option)

Want secure, anytime access to a powerful yet flexible transportation management solution? The SaaS option delivers all the robust functionality of BusBoss Professional - without the need to buy and maintain software or hardware. Enjoy the benefits of automating and streamlining bus route and schedule management - and stop worrying about the supporting technical infrastructure.

Compare products to choose which version meets your district’s specific needs.